The Webhosting Company You Find You Can Trust!

Hi there, you may have read my About Me page that mentions some Good and Bad experiences I’ve had with Webhosting Companies – two with their own Sitebuilder and two with WordPress Hosting. I am now with a European Company for my Webhosting needs – I have a Shared-Server with them for a number of Websites – and they Serve me Well.

They are surprisingly good at speaking English, so polite, courteous and respectful.
I find them to be proficient and capable. They have a 24/7 phone service in addition to Tickets.

After two really shonky Companies I was with, I am extremely Grateful to my present Webhosts. I like all their staff – their Techys are great,
and properly trained – they don’t read from scripts, left to guesswork, like you find with a number of Big USA Companies with Off-Shore Workers in the Philippines. Most of them read from Script – but they will tell you before you sign up with them “their Techys are vey professional”…………..sorry to say,
I have not found that to be true. Most of those Companies, if not all are under a big American umbrella.
I let you know more about that on the Hosting Sites I Avoid page.

There’s no doubt about it, European Webhosting Companies are a better way to go for several reasons,
and the one I am with for over a year now is called VERPEX and it has been smooth sailing.

You can find their Official Website HERE .

Oh and, you can request to have free Webalizer in CPanel to see how your Websites are going.
This helps you to avoid invasive Google Analytics. I much prefer it to AWStats.
Many Website Owners are after Webalizer for their Site Reports and many Webhosting Companies don’t provide it.

On Google, We See These Words

Verpex trusted by thousands; Web Hosting. Host with Confidence.”

And they have Very Reasonable Prices without cutting the Quality of their SERVICE!

Janets Summery Of Verpex

Verpex Is A European Based Company

With Strong Ethics when it comes to Personal Service
and Better Practices than we see in many USA Companies.

Verpex Is 100% Privately-Owned

What does that mean? It means A Lot – when a whopping lot
of Hosting Companies have gone through Acquisitions and
standards are not what they were.

Verpex Must Be Doing Something Right

Because in their first 4 years they were already Hosting
over 250,000 Websites in 181 Countries. They have Offices
in 5 Continents serving Very Happy Customers.

Verpex Highly Values Their Customers

This is Evident throughout the time I have been with them.
Every Interaction – be it Phone Calls or Tickets – their Support
is Simply Great, with no Hidden Extras like other Companies had.

I also find them to be Consistent, and that means a Lot to me!

I encourage you to see their Webpage HERE and see what you think. Hey?
I trust this Page has helped you and I wish you well.