Safe Analytics Is Important.

I DO NOT Subscribe to, Promote or Endorse GOOGLE ANALYTICS which is where most of the Invasion of our Privacy comes from when Visiting Websites on the Internet. That is what Most Cookies on the Net are all about which is a Valid Concern to many people when engaged on the Internet. They have every right to be concerned.


Have you heard of AWSTATS? Available in WHM CPanel?
Well, you can go better than that with WEBALIZER – my Absolute Favorite Analytical Tool.
Many more results show up for PAGE VIEWS.
I have been accustomed to comparing the results in both Programs for 8 Years now and the Webalizer is Impressive – does more for your Morale!

Lots of Webhosting Companies who offer Shared Server Accounts etc do not include this wonderful program in WHM CPanel but my Favorite Webhosting Company does now. I have just been informed by their Management that YOU CAN REQUEST IT and they are HAPPY TO OBLIGE.
How good is that?

So you will possibly be looking for VERPEX if you’re interested in Good Wholesome Webhosting,
plus the presence of Webalizer in your WHM CPanel.
That’s where your Website/Websites are Stored and you can check and work on them.

There is a really good Plugin (Program) I like for Non-Google Analytics too, as follows:

A WORDPRESS ANALYTICS PROGRAM THAT MONITORS MY WEBSITES IS WP STATISTICS – SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR WORDPRESS WEBSITES – eliminating the need for Google Analytics and similar. WordPress is the name of the Site Builder used to make this Website. Please note here that not all WordPress Site Owners choose to go this way.

WP STATISTICS Do Not Use Spy Type Cookies and they have Abolished the Need to depend on those Services!

It has to do with Strict European Standards, referred to as GDPR and WP Statistics is Compliant with them. So my Websites do not employ the use of Cookies that are Sold without your knowledge and consent to Commercial Enterprises for Massive Profits!!!

If you’re going WordPress for a Website Builder or have a WordPress website, go to Plugins in the Dashboard (on the left side of your screen) click on Add New, then type WP Statistics in the search bar on your right and you will see what to do from there. I tried a few other programs including Matomo, and they did not work as well. I really like WP Statistics.