Be Really Careful When Choosing A Webhosting Company
It Will Make All The Difference For Your Experience!!!


Because I’ve had both GOOD and BAD experiences with Webhosting Companies since 2010, I am in a good position to HELP You! Stay with me and check out the different Pages of this Website. I’m here to SERVE You – no payments to Bribe and Lie. I hate that kind of thing, and in the Webhosting Industry, there are so many Companies that pride themselves on giving you Fake Promises and False Expectations.

Please Note: Did you know there is such a thing as False Review Websites AND there are also some Websites that give some Good Advice about how to make good Websites and advise you about “Good Hosting” that are best avoided BECAUSE they make up an “Authentic Look” CHART that is supposed to show you their “Professional Assessment” of which Webhosting Companies are the best to go with – in descending order and Comparisons of what each Company has to Offer. Some even include “Pros and Cons” it really sounds Genuine and Convincing until you have seen and read about 5-6 of those Websites, and with some clear observational skills, you manage to discern their Neat Little Tricks and Clashing Information.

It’s disturbing to tell you, I know, it’s better if you know beforehand rather than later. Most of those “Professional Websites” have Several Affiliate Accounts with a number of those Webhosting Companies on their Chart (that’s right, more than one) and get Payments for each one of those Companies you click on and sign up with. You should know, some of them have A Deal with one of the Companies they promote the Most.

In fact, sometimes Webhosting Companies approach Websites like those and Offer them BIG Sums of Money to make them “The Best Webhost” on that Chart and what is said about them and the Deal goes to the Highest Bidder, to have that Placement. I am aware of these things and had them confirmed by 2 True Professional people who know what they are talking about (what goes on behind the scenes) and if you read those Webpages often enough, you can see certain discrepancies – very obvious once you’ve acquired enough knowledge.

Yes, sad to say, it’s the most highly Competitive Industry out there these days – in my opinion. They’re all out to make a Buck – Big Bucks – Your Bucks and there’s all manner of deception. I really wish Someone would Clean Up the Industry but it’s too Huge.


Honesty is KEY here. I’ve had Enough of that kind of thing and find it disgusting. So disgusting, I’ve decided there is something I can do about it – at-least for those who find my Website. For Vital INFO that can Spare You much Stress I’ve encountered in my journey……Read on.

Years ago, I went with Vistaprint when I commenced making Websites. They were a really great Company to go with for a few years – I could not fault them. They had their own Sitebuilder known as the SB2. It was Excellent, and so was their Service. After that, they changed Sitebuilders twice! To the SB3 which was so awful, I did not use it, plus their Techies often had problems with it. Then they had another absolutely wonderful SB4 (everyone’s darling) but it did not have a Good Music Player OR a Blog! They kept on delaying the process for a few Years and never delivered. But the rest of the SB4 Sitebuilder was brilliant and could do so much. I loved working with it.

Then against their Customer’s expressed wishes, they Merged with Wix last year because it is popular. So “Bye Bye SB4″……..And now all their customers have to pay WIX OUTRAGEOUS PRICES: separate charges for everything! I call them the “GREED-BREED”. Needless to say I do Not Recommend Vistaprint Or Wix. Truth of the matter is Wix or Vista-Wix is Not Cheap – there are so many catches. If you want SEO; Site Analytics; or you want your websites to have certain Features…….UP goes the Price for Each of them. So it seems that after our much patience with Vistaprint, they have now played the Traitor to their Loyal Customers (figure of speech).

Oh and, I did not mention. There is a “Hidden Cost” I discovered in the price structure of what we will be charged after the 1st year with Vista-Wix. A Vital Component, not declared. In the Price Chart, it said “Free for a Year” and when I asked them about this ………..”how much will the charges be after a Year?” they did not Answer my Question.

I made several phone calls about this. No worker at Vistaprint could answer my question, so I asked to speak with Wix twice. In both phone calls, they evaded my question and would not tell me. By Australian Law, that is considered to be a Hidden Cost. I said, if they want to keep the Australian Customers, they will have to state all prices openly. That did not make any difference – my request was ignored. Nice Set-Up!


Hi Folks, sad to say 10 of my Websites are still with Vista-Wix because unlike my Websites made with the WordPress Sitebuilder, I cannot change them to a different Company – they are ‘stationary’ so to speak – because they are built with a Company Sitebuilder. I put LOTS of Work into them and would not like to cancel them.

Mind you, since I commenced with Vistaprint in 2010, they changed their Sitebuilder twice as mentioned from SB2 to SB3 to SB4 – which is common practice with some Companies – left us waiting 5-6 years for a BLOG component which is Lazy-As and then went with WIX. Yes Reprehensible, absolutely.

Before the Developers started changing Sitebuilders, Vistaprint was an Excellent Company – both Worker and Customer orientated from humble beginnings – another Company who got
Money-Fever and Good Service “Bit the Dust”………. along with that went their impeccable Loyalty to all their Workers and Customers. Why does MONEY change people and companies so drastically? A sign of the Times we’re living in, hey?

Many really Nice Tech Workers in Jamaica I Enjoyed working with all lost their work due to Vista’s Incessant Greed for More-More. They were excellent Workers – it’s just the Web Developers that were Lazy. I loved the Jamaican People, they are Friendly and very intelligent.

Now To The Point Please Janet?

I had a Garden & Nature Website called Garden and Nature Joys HERE you can peep:)
It Was my 2nd Website for Aussies before Vistaprint merged with WIX. They have somehow wiped out 2/3rds of this Website (hours upon hours of tireless work) yet they charge me Full-Price. So I have to decide what to do now because I run Several Websites, as you know. It may continue. I am working with it now, when I am busy working with other Websites. VISTAPRINT and WIX also known as VISTA-WIX made Errors on 3 other Sites as well, WIX is responsible for. Which is really Sub-Standard when VISTA claimed they are “The Best” as the Merger took place.

With my Commitments (constant work providing a pleasant Experience on the Net for people) they have caused me untold Frustration and Expense. It is Greed, Pure Greed, and Half-Efforts for Money Spent. So I would spare you that. Definitely! Choose them at your own Risk!


I have several WordPress Websites (a different kind of Sitebuilder you can shift where/when you like, in addition to my Vista Websites, that require Webhosting as well, that led to some really dodgy experiences. Do you wish to avoid them? Here goes!

You really should know about a group of Webhosting Companies that come under an umbrella shall we say? I’ve had experience with 3 of them,
and have found them to be Corrupt. You will not want to get mixed up with them.

Web.Com offered a Free Trial to use their Sitebuilder. Immediately, I could see their Templates (webdesign) was not suitable – they were far too narrow. So I cancelled the trial within less than an hour. They kept on making charges every month and one of their workers even told me there was no way out of the charges. Unbelievable. So I decided to take protective measures with the bank account. It’s best to change your bank account Nb much earlier with companies like that!

Beware of Hostgator and Crazy Domains, they like to get you tied up with irresistible offers for Shared Servers – be it a Resellers Account or Business Account for 2 or 3 Years; their Techies are the worst I have encountered – most of them – you have to keep explaining situations of any kind at length, over and over repeatedly; each ‘Techy’ tells you something different. It’s maddening, because they read from Script (they’re not real Techies) I found out at a much later date.

They are a School of Hard Knocks when it comes to issues – a Course in Frustration.

Hostgator started charging me more and more for Bandwidth for different Websites in the Resellers Account – when the WHM and one of their workers told me my Websites weren’t using much Bandwidth, it jumped a couple of times – unprecedented – even though it had been redistributed. No, I had not put a lot of extra content on those Websites, so something was very wrong.

Next thing, I found out a Business Account would be cheaper, no-one ever told me that when the costs were going up, so a worker Changed Over Accounts for me (put me on a different plan.) They did not cancel the Reseller Plan for me and went to charge me for both. Then when those charges were cancelled, 2 Plans still showed in my Account with them.

It was a real headache trying to get them to fix that. It was never rectified. They changed the Password twice for the Business Shared Server and Websites went missing for 3 months – not to be found in the Business Account OR the Resellers Account.

Like I’ve said, Crazy Domains weren’t any better. They told me it would be about $1,328AUD charges to Migrate 12 websites.
That’s a whopping lot of money, when you consider a few European Webhosting Companies do that for free.

They also have a strange setup too, whereby they appoint the Sales Worker who wins your Account to take charge of it, and your phone calls have to go through them, no-one else. Too bad if they’re busy on Sales Calls. It’s about their convenience, not yours, I found. So turns out I had discovered a few lies that were told me, when I first signed up. So I went to change the Manager, and the Company told me that can’t be done and refused to oblige. Yet at a later date when someone else was attending to my Account and he took exception to me, he dispensed of the Account, passing it on to someone else who did the same when my questions weren’t addressed. Yeah, Crazy indeed. Not to mention, I found their system went to charge me more than once for Domains, 3 different times – too early, and not long after they were paid.


From extensive Research I did at that time, there are A LOT of other Webhosting Companies that come under that Umbrella.

So watch them! It’s best to avoid those 3 companies, if you wish to save your sanity and your pocket.
Please be advised, those were my experiences, I have tried to inform you.

I found out Bluehost is owned by the same Company – they’re under the same umbrella.
So are Companies like eHost, Reseller Club, Network Solutions, IPage, Sitebuilder.Com and 60+ others.
In fact, the whole thing is so dodgy, I wish to stay out of it (the rest of what I found out) and keep my Website nice.


So if I were you, I would go European Webhosting of some kind. At-least that is what I did, and have been well Cared for since then. One Happy Customer among others who no doubt feel the same. Hopefully this Page and my other Page on Hosting helps you avoid pit-falls or gives you an idea who to avoid and who to consider if you need to make a change also.

Please Note: The content above is my Review of the 4 Webhosting Companies mentioned, plus what I found out when extensively researching the latter 3 Companies after the ordeals
I experienced with them.
So I chose to avoid Bluehost as well, I considered at one time. Can you blame me?


I know all the Serious INFO on this Webpage could be Overwhelming for some of you and you could be thinking “Oh boy, if so many Webhosting Companies are Corrupt (under that Umbrella) who can I go with!?” When I made that discovery in my Research, it took some digesting – then a whopping list of Names that came up, it was mind boggling to say the least. On this Website, I have a Webpage featuring my Wonderful Webhost in Europe, I would usually keep personal but this Website is about HELPING YOU so I have shared about my Experience with them. I am aware that a lot of Website Owners like to go USA and that’s where all those Dodgy Ones are, so I did some Diligent Research on that and came up with a Good Honest Reputable Company in the USA that is SAFE with Good Prices. I double-checked them just to make Very Sure and have Communicated with them a few times. So I will Feature a Page on them Soon to oblige.


Because the Vision and Concept of this Website is HONEST Website Advice, I will openly declare I have chosen to go Affiliate with these 2 Companies because they offer a Genuine Affiliate Program,
I have decided to Try Them to help Fund my Vista-Wix Expenses because from 2010-2024, all my Websites have FREE Content without Advertisements of any kind – especially Google Ads. In my opinion, they Wreck any Good Website. All the Best to you if you choose to go with one of the Webhosts or not. There is NO Sales Pressure Here – it’s most certainly everywhere else these days isn’t it? No Hidden Affiliates. I wish you well in your endeavours!