It’s Important To Avoid Invasive Analytics

GOOGLE ANALYTICS is where most of the Invasion of our Privacy comes from when Visiting Websites on the Internet.

Profit making Google Analytics programs specialize in that and many Website Owners use those programs. Many of them are ignorant of this.
Some are not, and choose to use them anyway, saying to themselves “I have to do this, to know how successful my website is” so in reality, they sacrifice their Visitors Privacy, so to speak, because Google has convinced them of that. They are heavy campaigners like Coca Kola!

As Many People Are Well Aware:

Google collects their Private Data on websites who use Google Analytics (and related programs) for their Site Reports. This is called Information Farming. A family member and friends discovered this a few years ago. If you ask them how they know. They say that Google Ads don’t appear regularly on websites they go to – about something they were looking at – for nothing. And various Spam in their Email Inbox “it didn’t come from nowhere!?” they will tell you. They checked it out. That’s why many people these days prefer to do their Shopping Offline.

What Most People Don’t Realize Is:

Website Owners need to have some kind of Site Reports to know how well their Website is going; what Pages can do with improving and what people would like to see more of. That’s where their choice of Programs to do this becomes crucial.

They should be more discerning about putting their Visitors at Risk. Google Analytics target a lot of New Website Owners (small businesses etc) in their Ads with repetitive lines like “We will help Your Business Grow!” They tell all the Website Owners who have seen their Campaigns that their Analytics is far superior to the rest of them (what other Companies have to offer) for best results. Everyone wants Success, so many believe that.

Even WordPress are obliged to include Google Analytics Programs (several) in the Extras, Website Owners can use for their Websites
(known as plugins) so be careful.

There are many different types of Extras available which facilitate different things to do with the Admin side of things and different Features to add character and definition to WordPress Websites. Last year, I found about 5 or 6 different forms of Google Analytics related Programs among them, and refuse to use them.

Very Important – Consider This

What you don’t realize is, if you use Google Analytics, you are denied your Privacy as well.
After much searching, I found a really good Analytics program which is European GDPR Compliant you can discover
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