Webhosting Companies with their own Site Builder have a Conflict of Interest. Usually, they’re wanting to be better than their Competitor Companies and have the most Impressive Sitebuilder to get more Customers – everyone’s greedy, right? So they try to keep a cutting edge every so often. If they don’t change their Sitebuilder at all, they’re not in the race, so to speak. Do you follow me?

Here’s where the beauty of WordPress comes in – there’s the One All-Time Sitebuilder for people who like it that way, and who like the Builder itself. Lots of people do. A good percentage of Websites Worldwide are made with WordPress. There are lots of Video Tutorials on YouTube and all. It gets very interesting. And if you like to Build a Website just for pleasure, it’s a good interest to have.

When I first came across WordPress, I had been using Vistaprint’s fabulous SB2 Sitebuilder (their 2nd one) and really loved using it. WordPress wasn’t so appealing to me. At that time, WordPress had a lot to offer, in the way of Add-Ons but Editing the actual Pages themselves really had a few shortcomings. I found it a “bug-bear” when it came to using it for a Website that would have an eCard Program loaded onto it. In those days (2013) I really enjoyed working with the eCard Software Program I purchased separately, but NOT the WordPress side of things.

This greatly improved sometime later when a Program called Gutenburg was added to WordPress – the Editing was much better, and many more people like using WordPress now. People like me:) I have a passion for making Websites and things are much more affordable now because Webhosting Services with their own Sitebuilder charge Separately for each Website you have with them, and that can be an expensive exercise – I’ve really lived that one well and truly. If you think you could be making more than one Website (once you like the experience) WordPress is definitely the cheaper way to go. That’s for sure because if you choose choose your Webhosting carefully – I’ve helped you with that HERE each Website is FREE unless you are buying Fancy Templates that lend themselves to lots of Customising and are generally quiet expensive.

WordPress has Expanded it’s Network in recent years. Different to Company Owned Sitebuilders, WordPress is quite Vast. Association-wise, it’s not only an excellent Builder to work with, there’s basically a Network of different Webdesigners and Web-developers offering lots of Themes (Webdesigns) for us to use – some Free, some Paid – and some Developers have made a Pagebuilder they have used to make their Themes (Webdesigns) we choose from. There are not a lot of Pagebuilders because not all Webdevelopers get into making those. They will have that one Pagebuilder they use for their Themes. It works in a certain way to do certain things. They generally have several Features and a few of them have lots of Features.

If you are a Newbie to making Websites, it pays to Keep things Simple when choosing a WordPress Theme (design) rather than getting in too deep because the Feature-Rich Pagebuilders are somewhat Complex and take a real Learning Curve to get the Nack of using them.

When you start out, it’s a good idea to watch some Tutorial Videos on YouTube.
There are some very good ones available and Tutorial Webpages as well.

To Be Continued