Do Your Research Well


I’ve pondered a little about that – why do people do that? And my thoughts are as follows: Most of us are brought up by Parents who tell us what to do but seldom take the time to explain things or allow us to make decisions for ourselves and guide us a little. We’re in this Modern World where so many things are Racy-Pacy, important things get left unsaid. We live in a world of Input – so much Information (some right some wrong) especially the Worldwide Web.

The Education System tells us what to do when we’re growing up – and what to believe even, these days, against our inborn awareness of the existence of our Creator. Even the TV tells us how to think, what to do, where to go and when to buy, have you noticed? We need to exercise our God-Given Faculties and make Conscious Decisions. I had this Website in mind so each one of you can make Informed Decisions. So many of you are busy but would like to make a Website and are looking for some good advice. Hey?

There’s some really Good Companies and Products out there to be found and so many Unreputable Companies with Fake Fronts and Products with Misleading Claims. Scammers make themselves out to be so genuine, we really need our wits about us, don’t we? And it’s simply unfair.

I’m not a religious churchy person – I do favor a close Walk with Jesus, who said things like “treat others how you wish to be treated” so I like His Words when they’re not misconstrued. He taught me to think for myself when I found him, and to help others in different ways, in recent years through various Websites I run since 2010. He is the one who gifted me to work with a few Sitebuilders when I couldn’t use a very basic one for nuts! I’m not technically inclined, but I’m passionate about making Websites now, so I hope you find help here.

All the best to you, each one!